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In the furniture sector, Thonet furniture demands a special place. The firm Thonet built an international reputation in the 19th century with furniture of bent beechwood. Many other companies also left quite a mark with their bent wood products, like the Kohn brothers and the company Fischel. In the Netherlands bent wood furniture was also manufactured, among others by atelier Carton of Ath. But only the work that comes from the workshops of Thonet, Kohn or Fischel is truly valuable. The best pieces were built around the turn of the century and made in Art Nouveau style.

Michaél Thonet
The technique of bending wood can be traced back to one person: Michaél Thonet. In the second half of the 19th century a wave of industrialization went through Europe. This gave Thonet the opportunity to use this metamorphosis to achieve his success. He became the forerunner of mass production. He had noticed that curved wood fell into the taste of the general public and, moreover, was economically very attractive. He is the one who laid the bridge between the happy Biedermeier style and the Art Nouveau style. With the rise of the Biedermeier-style, Thonet tried to distance his furniture from the elite style of the ruling class.

Chair number 14
According to some, this is the best-selling wooden item of all time. It's the perfect combination of simplicity, grace in plasticity and function. More than 40 million units were sold from the end of the century. The chair turned out to be perfectly fitted for use in salons and cafés. Thonet focused on mass production and sustainability. The final version is a simple kit consisting of a seat plate, five pieces of wood, ten screws and 2 nuts. 36 Of these chairs fit in one square meter.


RADOMSKO - Chair with label
THONET - Armchair for Children no. 12.011 with stamp and label
RADOMSKO - Chair with label
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